The Titanium Main Event frame are constructed from premium titanium. 10 mm or 20 mm dropouts, Standard and tapered head tube. laser-etched frame graphics, The Titanium main event uses the same race winning geometry as all frames . 24" Pro XXL frame only weigh in at 3 pounds 5 oz. Frame will be available in all sizes from mini to 26" Pro XXL.

These frames are made to order and will require  a non-refundable 50% deposit to order . Lead time 60 days. The balance plus shipping are due prior to shipping your frame.  Email us at info@truthbmxproducts.com for more ordering info.

Why Titanium Frame??


1. Long life

Titanium have 5 time of the lifespan then steel or aluminium, anti-corrosion from acid,damp,ultraviolet


2. Light weight

Titanium density is half of Cr-Mo. Which means a titanium frame weight half of a Cr-Mo frame the same size

3. High Stiffness

Stiffness is over 28% higher then Cr-Mo.Titanium frame would make most useful of your pedaling power.