Truth Bmx Products owners Eric and Tony Spears got involved in bmx  when they picked up a Bmx Action magazine in 1984. That year the two brothers started building and jumping ramps in their parents yard in Mechanicsville,Md.  In the same year they started racing bmx and even won a few trophies. Within a few years they landed a sponsor by Rockville bmx. As they continued racing they actually ended up winning a few # 1 plates. By late eighties the Spears brothers were riding for U.S Boss co-factory team.


As a result of their love of the bmx sport the brothers started a local bike shop called Bike Connection in 2004. Along the way in their bmx racing career they became good friends with bmx legend and owner of GHP Greg Hill. and Gesse Guyman owner of U.S Boss. Dreams of one day having their own bmx product line became a reality.


Truth Bmx Products is a small rider owned company base out Mechanicsville Md. Where it all started as just a dream for two young boys over 30 years ago. Our goal at Truth Bmx Products is to offer a great quality and resonable priced products for bmx ,street and trail riders.