The Main Event frames are handcrafted from premium seamless triple butted aluminum. TRUTH had 3 goals in mind when the frame was designed. It needed to be very strong ,light and look great . All was made possible by using the latest and best manufacturing equipment and materials.


 Race winning geometry combined with the best technology. The Main Event frame is the most  advanced frame on the market. The Main Event frame used 6069 aluminum over 6061  due to higher strength.


There are many advantages of using Hydro forming tubing, exhibit superior strength to weight ratio,complex shapes ,tighter tolerances and smoother finish. It takes 16 steps to make the Main Event down tube. The end result is one eye catching down tube.


Each frame is hand welded once completed the frame is off to be heat treated to T-4 specs . Once the process is completed frames are checked for alignment and if any adjustment is needed it is done now. After we know frame is 100% straight then it is heat treated to T-6  hardness. Our BB shell  are machined  after final heat treating process to ensure  a smooth installing of bottom bracket.


 All TRUTH frames handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality frames race possible. 

TRUTH Main Event frame have been tested by the factory using a fatigue test machine. And the main event frame resisted 200,000 shake cycles without any cracks or damage


TRUTH Main Event frames are available in Black,Blue,Red and White  Available Mini to  Pro XL 24"



Key Features

Hydro Formed Top and Down Tube


6069 seamless aluminum tubing

CNC Machined head tube, bottom bracket 

Tapered seat post reduces flex

Full CNC Dropouts

Double heat treated T4-T6

Tapered Head Tube

20 mm dropouts with 10 mm  adapters

Hydro Formed tube reduces frame flex. A stiffer frame means better acceleration

Down Tube squares off at the bottom bracket increase rigidity




          SIZE               TT        CS       HA      SA        SP      WEIGHT 

          MINI             17.50"   12.25"  72.0*   69*   22.2MM     TBA

          JR                18.50"   13.20"  73.5*   69*   22.2MM     TBA

          EXPERT       19.50"   13.75"  74.5*   70*   22.2MM     TBA

          PRO             20.50"   15.00"  74.5*   70*   27.2MM     TBA

          PRO XL        21.25"   15.20"  74.5*   70*   27.2MM    3.50 OZ

          PRO XXL      21.75"   15.20"  74.5*   70*   27.2MM     TBA

          JR 24"          19.50"   14.40"  73.5*   70*   27.2MM     TBA

          EXPERT 24" 20.50"   15.00"  73.5*   70*   27.2MM     TBA

          PRO 24"       21.50"   15.35"  73.5*   70*   27.2MM     TBA

          PRO XL 24"  22.00    15.35"  73.5*   70*   27.2MM     TBA